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Concrete and Rebar Inspection
Surveys Conducted Nationwide

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All concrete and rebar inspecton surveys are conducted or supervised by:

Licensed Professional Geologists (PG)
40-Hour OSHA Hazwoper-Trained Professionals
ISNetworld Member Company

GeoModel, Inc. can conduct a real-time concrete inspection survey using ground penetrating radar (GPR) to locate rebar, pipes, and plastic and fiber optic conduits. Our concrete inspection survey can also detect voids within concrete slabs and under concrete slabs.

1500 MHz antenna to locate voids during concrete inspection concrete inspection for voids rebar in concrete and pipe below rebar

GeoModel uses 1500 MHz and 900 MHz antennas to locate voids, rebar, pipes, or other embedded components during concrete inspection.


Our radar survey professionals can conduct a concrete inspection survey of concrete block walls, concrete floors, concrete slabs, airport runways, abutments, dams, and garages.

GPR survey of a concrete block wallrebar in concrete located by GeoModel, Inc,

GPR concrete inspection survey of block wall using 1500 MHz antenna (above left) and GPR image showing rebar (above right).


Concrete block wall showing rebar located by GPR during concrete inspectionLocation of rebar in concrete located by GeoModel, Inc. using ground penetrating radar

Confirmation of rebar locations (note cut-away in wall (above left) to expose rebar) and location of rebar painted on concrete floor (above right), based on GPR survey conducted by GeoModel, Inc.


Concrete as thick as 12 to 18 inches can be scanned. The condition of concrete slabs can be inspected including relative thickness, deterioration, and structure problems. Our concrete inspector pulls the radar antenna along the concrete surface and simultaneously observes and interprets the radar data on a computer screen in real time.

Photo showing rebar and air in concrete block wallGPR image showing air and rebar in concrete block - GeoModel, Inc.

An example of 1500 MHz GPR data showing rebar and air voids in concrete blocks (above)


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