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GeoModel, Inc.


Alaska Ground Penetrating Radar GPR Survey Services


GeoModel, Inc. conducts ground penetrating radar surveys in Alaska

All GPR surveys done by Alaska licensed professional geologists with over 20 years of experience

Ground Penetrating Radar GPR Uses

utility and pipeline location
cemetery and grave location
sinkhole and void detection
tank (UST) and drum location
concrete and rebar inspection
geology, bedrock, and geologic hazards
landfills and burial trenches
archaeological studies


GeoModel's better GPR cart - plastic cart - no interference

Example GPR image profile of 3 graves located by GeoModel, Inc.

To have a ground penetrating radar survey conducted in Alaska contact us at:


e-mail: AlaskaGPR@geomodel.com

or call us at: 703-777-9788


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